Timber Flooring Adhesive

Liquid Nails Direct Stick LF low foaming timber flooring adhesive


A low foaming single pack moisture curing polyurethane based adhesive.


Adheres to prefinished parquetry and strip timber flooring; floor and wall tiles; suitable vinyl and lino; carpet smooth edge; rubber; and pavers and bricks.

Product Range

Product Code: 9300697118493

  • Size & Pack Type: 12kg pail
  • Color: Brown
  • Coverage: 20m2

Product Code: 9300697119247

  • Size & Pack Type: 720g sausage
  • Color: Brown
  • Coverage: 1.2m2

Technical Features

  • Low odour
  • Low VOC – meets the Total VOC Content Limits required by Green Building Council of Australia IEQ – 13.2 (V3 2008)
  • Excellent bond strength
  • High modulus and strength makes sanding easier
  • Very fast curing – Walk on in three hours and sand next day
  • Highly water resistant
  • Immediate grab allows tight laying of blocks
  • Easy to trowel with non drip consistency
  • Highly slump resistant
  • No TDI
  • Robust foil pack reduces wastage
  • Resists cupping and rafting in timber overlay flooring applications
  • Thick applications allow large gap bridging
  • Selleys recommends the use of Liquid Nails VBS Vapour Barrier prior to applying Direct Stick

Application Tips

  • Requires atmospheric moisture to cure
  • Must not be applied below 5°C
  • Do not apply in greater thicknesses than that allowed by specified trowel (side movement and/or lifting may occur)
  • Selleys Technical Services should be consulted if any doubt exists in respect to floor contamination, or any concerns in relation to moisture
  • Should a self-levelling compound be required, consult manufacturer in relation to drying times and appropriate priming to adhere the compound to the substrate
  • Where a hydrostatic pressure may be present, suitable drainage must be installed and VBS moisture vapour barrier employed

Technical Details and Performance

For strip flooring, trowel onto substrates with the recommended notched trowel (5mm wide by 6mm high V notches at 25mm centres). For parquetry blocks a finer & closer notched trowel is required to avoid excess adhesive; e.g. a 2.4mm wide x 2.4mm high v-notches at 4.8 centre. (Consult “Product Application Information” sheet available from Selleys).

Indicative information only, not to be used for setting specifications.


1–1.5m2 per litre, dependent on application technique, substrate and porosity

Cure Time

Normally floors can be walked on after 3 hours. Full cure 7 days


Normally sanding can commence next day (12 hours). In cold weather allow minimum 24 hours.

Working Time

Approximately 30 minutes once applied, depending on ambient conditions

Apparent Density

1.4 g/mL


170,000 CPS, @ 25°C, 50% R.H.

Shelf Life

12 months in unopened container. Opened cans may skin on the surface and this may be cut off and remaining product used.

Bond Strength

7.0Mpa lap shear

Liquid Nails Direct Stick is easy to trowel. When spreading, the consistency of the adhesive forms ridges that do not slump. This results in better contact for bonding on uneven substrates and vertical surfaces. IMPORTANT: It is essential for best results and coverage that the appropriate trowel be used.